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Pool Servicing and Maintenance withCrystal Clear Blue Swimming Pool.

Bendigo Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Clean & Healthy
Swimming Pools

Looking for the Best After Hours Pool Cleaning Services in Bendigo? Our expert team offers top-notch pool maintenance, ensuring your pool sparkles every time. Choose us for Expert Pool Maintenance in Bendigo, where quality meets convenience. Dive into pristine waters with our dedicated service!

Bendigo Pool Teck specialise in pool cleaning, pool maintenance and fixing and replacing broken pool equipment.

When it comes to Expert Pool Maintenance in Bendigo, our services are unmatched. From routine cleaning to comprehensive maintenance, our experts use the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to keep your pool in top condition. Whether it’s balancing chemicals, cleaning filters, or repairing equipment, we do it all with precision and care.

Crystal clear pool water.

Are you ready to swim in crystal clear water?

Or your pool has seen better days?

Everyone wants a clean and safe pool to swim in, but sometimes it’s a chore. Pool equipment breaks down.

Chemicals don’t seem to do their job. The water starts to look an odd shade of green… and when you try to get help, everyone is closed on the weekends.


Wouldn’t you love a mobile pool professional to come to your home or property when you’re not busy at work?

Let us take care of your pool while you get on with your weekend.

For swim schools, hydrotherapy pools, motel pools & private pools

crystal clear water to swim
a clean and healthy swimming pool
Bendigo pool teck after hours mobile pool cleaning, servicing and maintenance

At the heart of summer relaxation

When Bendigo Pool Teck takes care of your pool, you will enjoy...

A healthy, inviting pool ready for parties and swim season

Friendly after-hours service

Professional advice from local business owners

Service options to meet your needs and budget

Bendigo Pool Teck cleaning, servicing and maintenance for swimming pools
“Excellent service and great people to work with. Super helpful and reliable.”



Meet your Bendigo Pool Teck Crew

Our Story

When we noticed people were struggling to keep their pool water sparkling clean, and couldn’t get any help on the weekends and after hours, we wanted to do something about it.


It worried us that kids were missing out on holiday swims, families were reluctant to host pool parties, and there was no relief from the hot weather.


And so, Bendigo Pool Teck was born.


Here, Dean and Jack Wild, a father and son team, make it their mission to sort out your pool issues when you’re home in the evenings and on the weekends. Because you work so hard to provide an amazing home for your family, we want to support you at a time that is convenient for you. 


Whether it’s a one-off consult or ongoing services, you can rely on us to turn up, do a great job and provide value for money.

Bendigo Pool Teck team sorting out pool issues
Clean and healthy swimming pool

“We’re all about the pool days and sun rays.”

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